Boredom very often takes over during the span of our days. In this regard it would be productive and above all useful, to be able to make the most of the free time at our disposal. Maybe you could consider the idea of ​​producing, with your own hands, very original objects, using ingenious and certainly very special techniques . In this guide we will see something like this , just follow the steps illustrated to get a more than satisfactory result. We will see, in fact, how to create cold ceramics on their own. A great way to give vent to your vein and your own creative spirit . Put the cornstarch, the glue, the vaseline oil and, if you want, the essence (for example of lavender, which also has an “anti-mold” power) in a non-stick pan that you do not use for cooking. Mix the ingredients making the dough as homogeneous as possible. Turn on the lower fire you have between your stove and place it on the saucepan. Take a wooden spoon and stir continuously. Do not be frightened if at first the mixture will stick to the container! Continue for about 4-5 minutes, until it comes off completely from the walls. The cooking time is indicative as it varies, obviously, based on the amount of the dough and the intensity of the heat. When the mixture is well unglued, remove the saucepan from the heat.

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Spread your hands abundantly with the glycerin cream and start manipulating the dough. When it is lukewarm, take some transparent film and place it inside. Close the top side only, leaving two side openings. Wait patiently for the mixture to become cold (approximately one whole day). When it is completely cooled, start working it vigorously with your hands (always greasy with glycerine cream) until the surface becomes smooth and soft.

Ceramic earrings

To make earrings, you can start with a very thin spaghetti, just like a real spaghetti pasta, and placing it on the work surface, create a decoration. By making small holes at the end with an awl, where you will insert the earring hook, you can glaze and cook.

Ceramic beads

By creating a spaghetti this time with a larger diameter, cutting it into pieces of half a centimeter and piercing them internally with a thin awl, beads are created. As for the beads, then, once the internal hole has been made, the bead can be shaped giving it the desired shape: cubic, ovoid, cylindrical, etc. When we want to assemble the pieces we can use a “glue” made of liquid clay, in jargon called “borbottina”.

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Decorate tiles ceramic can become a real hobby. If you have a good dexterity, you can have fun making decorations of this type, to obtain unique and precious objects with which to beautify your home. Furthermore, a ceramic tile painted by you can also become a nice gift idea. On an industrial or, more simply, professional level, this type of processing takes place hot, with techniques that guarantee a permanent design life. In order to use this decoration methodology, however, tools for fixing the color are not available to everyone. For this reason, especially at an amateur level, it is preferable to resort to techniques that involve the exploitation of colors for cold ceramics , much more suited to non-professionals in the sector.