iOS App Review: Rue La La

Rue La La, in my opinion is the best shopping app available. They have boutiques from a huge array of designers for extremely low prices. I don’t know how they do it. It must be magic.

It’s great for my eclectic wardrobe. Not so great for my pocket book and my weakening closet rods but we make sacrifices as fashionistas!

Setting up an account is super easy too! And once you have one, it’s like a personal stylist with billions of choices. Ok, maybe not billions but lots.

The app is also very easy to navigate. The first page is all of the boutiques available. It can be split up into categories (women, men, gifts etc.) I generally just look at everything because there is not an overwhelming amount of boutiques at one time. There is also a clock counting down how much longer the boutique lasts so you know how much time you have left. I like that. A countdown gives you just the right amount of pressure.

The boutiques have so much to offer. You may never have to leave your house again to buy a gift. Seriously! Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays. They have something for all those days! Like I said it has so much variety and is perfect for presents.

Don’t forget about yourself though, fashionista. There are tons of luxe designer boutiques. Even Chanel (gasp!)! But be quick about that stuff it sells out in a snap. I’m still waiting on a Marc Jacobs boutique. Rue and I haven’t had one in our relationship yet but I have faith.

Other awesome features: There’s a “sold out. Still want it?” option. If something sells out you can still put it on back order and it will be shipped when it comes in. If it doesn’t come in (tear), no harm done, you won’t be charged. There is also a page that tells you when boutiques are coming up and you can set reminders.

I’ll say it again. Rue La La is the best shopping app ever! I love you, Rue!