Best Apps for Enjoying iTunes Music

Getting my music collection to work with my Macbook and iTunes wasn’t a simple task at first. I have a big music library, roughly 15,000 songs and videos. I have a lot of MP3 files, but I also have ripped all of my CD collection as uncompressed Aiff files.

While these are a lot bigger than mp3 files, they also sound a whole lot better! However they didn’t play properly on versions of Android prior to KitKat 4.4.1.

I used DoubleTwist for a while, and loved their AirSync add on to sync my files over wifi. It wasn’t without it’s problems though.

It uses a desktop program to help sync the files, and sometimes it would just lock up and hang. It also automatically converts the Aiff files to M4a. However the files are left with a loud static hiss at the end, since they are using an older library to do the converting. The app looks great, but it wasn’t serving my needs.

Once I realized that Aiff was supported in KitKat, I went on another search. I finally found my favorite music app of all – PowerAmp.

This is a very powerful and customizable app. Everything works very smooth, and the songs sound great! I then use iSyncr to get my files from iTunes onto my phone.

This works over Wifi or USB, and is very fast. It also has a desktop app for when you want to use USB to sync, but it doesn’t suffer from the same problems as DoubleTwist.

Sometimes I just want to control my iTunes library on my laptop, from my phone or tablet. On the weekends when I am hanging out at home, it’s nice to be able to change the music from anywhere in the house.

Retune allows me to control my Macbook iTunes library from an Android device!

photograph © Daniel Steger