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Getting Started on Android? Try These Productivity Apps.

Looking for some great apps for your new Android phone or tablet? We have a collection of the basics that you need to get some work done!

The easiest way to get your photos and other files synced and easily accessible, is to use a cloud based storage platform.  Dropbox is preferred most of files, such as photos, music, and videos. Google Drive, however, is best for documents.  It allows you to edit files right in the app on your device!

Hangouts makes it super easy to manage your Google based text, audio, and video chats.  It works better than most apps, including Skype.  Configure it to handle all text messaging as well.  (Now if they would just upgrade the Android version so that it can make calls like the iOS one!)

Of all the popular task list apps, Wunderlist is my favorite (especially if you have an HTC5) You can even collaborate and share lists with other people, even if they use an iPhone or even just their computer.

photograph © James Etherington