Android App Review: IMDb

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It’s Showtime!

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is an app that shows users what movie and television shows are currently playing.  The app also has a large catalogue of information detailing past shows and films.

In the movie portion of the app, users enter their zip code and can see what movies are playing in their area and at what time.  It also features in-app movie trailers, box office metrics, as well as movie critic reviews.

The app’s TV section shows the user the current TV schedule of the day, which includes both cable and internet shows.  In addition to the movie and TV schedule, the app contains a large library of movie and TV history, upcoming shows, as well as celebrity news.

Overall great functionality
Trailers in-app
Current info for TV and movies
Massive catalogue of movie and TV history

Options for purchasing or watching the TV show or movie only lists (IMDb subsidiary of Amazon )

Appgravity Bottom Line

For movie junkies and people on the go, this app is great.  Obviously, the most useful element of the app is the movie finder.  The overall functionality is well done.  It’s very quick and easy to find when and where movies are playing in relation to where you are.  The ability to watch the movie trailer as well as see how well a movie has done at the box office since its release is another great feature.

An additional perk of the app is the massive catalogue which showcases thousands of movies, who starred in them, famous quotes, and more.  This app comes in very handy for the inevitable movie debate.  For example, who said (“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”?) Great movie app. Highly recommend.

4 Stars