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Android App Review: Shazam

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Music to Your Ears
Shazam is a music app that can identify songs that are played through multiple channels.  For instance, if a song is playing over the radio or in the background of a TV show, users can press the “Shazam” button to find out the name of the song they hear.

Within a few seconds the app will pick up a specific “fingerprint” of the sound and match it with a corresponding fingerprint in its extensive database.

In addition to matching the song title, the artist singing and album the song derived from is also displayed.  Any song the user Shazams is saved in the app’s “tagged” section for quick reference and users have the option to purchase the tagged songs or share snippets of the tunes with their friends.

Another feature the app offers is its auto-tune setting.  Users can activate the app to continuously match and save songs that are played throughout their night out on the town or the duration of a movie.


Song matching very accurate
Easy navigation

App won’t pick up songs if there is a lot of background noise


AG Bottom Line
Most people can say they’ve had that “what is this song?” moment. In a matter of seconds that app will reveal what is being played with high accuracy.  The only downside is if you’re in a loud place the background noise will prevent the app from picking up the song.  Fun and useful app.

Definitely download.
4 Stars