Android App Review: Evernote

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Highly Organized

Evernote is an organization app that allows users to save and organize a plethora of information such as files, to-do lists , pictures, web-pages, and other important information all in one place.  Users can also sync the app across their other operating systems.

Users create different “Notebooks” in the app and then save corresponding information or “notes” in those notebooks.  The app allows users to share information with contacts, record voice memos, write notes in the app using their finger, as well as pass notes back and forth between other users.

A web clipping feature saves articles found online and allows the user pull them up later even if they don’t have a web connection.  A reminder feature alerts users to tasks that need to be completed and the in-app camera feature allows users to snap a picture and file it into a notebook directly from the app.


  • Take pictures with in the app and save directly into notebook
  • Share notes with contacts
  • Save webpages to read offline


  • A little time consuming

This app is great to help the busy person get a little more organized.  The most useful feature would have to be sharing documents with other users.  Similar to google docs,  the users can share and add information to the same document with the new content showing up immediately.

The fallback to Evernote would be that most people use their smartphone as their Evernote.   For sure Evernote has a better system to organize information, but for the busy person, taking a few minutes to plug in information might be a few minutes they can’t spare.   

Well-made app.  Recommend for the highly unorganized.

3 Stars