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iOS App Review: Simplenote

Best of Breed Note App

Simplenote is a an app that allows you to jot down quick notes on your iPhone.  When starting a note, it can be tagged, so notes can be sorted as needed.  In addition, notes can be shared with other Simplenote users, and worked on collaboratively.  The Simplenote app syncs across mobile app and the desktop website.


Allows collaboration and shared notes
User can reverse note in time to see earlier versions
Tagging allows for easy organization
Simple and clean user interface
Syncing from mobile application to desktop is very convenient to stay organized

Syncing between app and desktop can be delayed a few minutes sometimes


AG Bottom Line
We’ve tried the other note apps out there.  This is the ‘lightest’.  Simplenote has a very clean and simple interface that really replicates the offline action of ‘jotting something down’.  The ability to do something very simple, like share an ongoing grocery list with a spouse, is very convenient.  This is a no frills app that is beautiful in its simplicity.

This is a must download app.

5 Stars