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Android App Review: GoPro App

Great Addition to your Camera 

GoPro App allows users to control their GoPro camera from their mobile devices. Once downloaded, full remote control of the camera functions can be accessed through the users phone or tablet.  Users can adjust the camera settings, stop and start recording, as well as see a live feed of what the camera sees before recording starts.

Once photos or videos are taken, the user can immediately see what they recorded and delete or save content on the cameras memory card directly from their device. Social features allow the users to share their video or photos with friends immediately from their device.



Live feed is great for when the camera is in awkward places
Share footage and images without having to download
App automatically connects to camera’s wi-fi signal

Slight delay on the preview


AG Bottom Line
For those of you who own a GoPro camera, this app is no-brainer.  The best feature of the app is being able to see a live feed of what you are about to record.  That way, you can adjust the camera as needed instead of having to delete and re-shoot.   This app turns your GoPro Camera into a great extension of your mobile device.

A GoPro owner must-have app.  Download immediately .

4 Stars