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iOS App Review: Pose

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Good But Needs Some Fixes

Pose gives you daily outfit ideas based on the weather where you are.  The app reads the weather for your current location, and then serves up various outfits, sourced from a social algorithm.

More than that, Pose is a social network that enables you to share your outfits and helps you get inspired by others.  You can take a picture of what you are wearing, and tag it with brands and categories to enable others to discover your style.  Then,  you can follow brands, friends or your favorite stylists & bloggers to see what they are wearing.


App is useful in that you can discover clothing ideas based on where you are or where you are traveling
Many influencers and bloggers are using the brand, which leads to high discovery potential

After newest update, app freezes often when utilizing advance features, such as tagging
If you allow push notification, app sends a bit too much information, too often


AG Bottom Line
The fact that you have a constant stream of live fashion at your fingertips makes this a very desirable app.  However, there are just too many bugs to get invested in such a time consuming app.

Updates need to be fixed ASAP for us to recommend it.

2.5 Stars