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Android App Review: Bands in Town Concerts

Concert Connection 

Bands in Town Concerts is a live show app that displays when and where music shows are playing in the users selected city.

Once the user inserts their location, the app will show what bands are playing that day/week, venue, band line-up, ticket prices, and a map of the location.  Users have the option to purchase tickets for the event directly from the app.

If the user enables the app to scan their music preferences, such as their Pandora channel or the bands they have “liked” on Facebook, the app will suggest bands that are playing in their area similar to the users taste.  User can also select specific artists they want to track and the app alerts them when the band has scheduled a show in their area.

If a user plans to go to a concert they can RSVP to the concert, share the RSVP on social channels, and view other users who are attending the show.


Recommendations based on users music preferences
Can set search radius (i.e. bands playing within one mile of me)

Can’t pick a specific date.  Have to scroll through the list which is time consuming
Can’t search specific venue


AG Bottom Line
If you love live shows you are going to love this app. From rock to orchestral, this is a one-stop-shop app for live music.  The best feature is that the app lists for the user everything they need to know about the show before they even get there.

Another fun feature is the recommendations list based on the users music preferences.  Discovering new bands is fun, but letting the app help you decide which show may be more up your alley can save you from a terrible night out.

If you love live music, then you need this app.  Must Download.

4 Stars