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iOS App Review: Vhoto

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Capture Great Photos from your Videos 

Vhoto recently released on the iTunes store to much fanfare and press.  Produced by a former Call of Duty product manager, Noah Heller, the technology has been in works for two years before its recent launch.  This camera app allows users to get pictures from video.

The premise is that the app uses semantic learning, in order to pull the best possible pictures from video.  Users take a video, and then the app sends still shots from the video, that it considers to be the most focused.  As a user selects which photos they like best, the app learns over time what the user likes.


No need to take multiple pictures in an action setting
Pulls ‘the best you’ images
Learns what you like over time

Works best on iPhone 5, not great on 4
Sometimes pictures look the same as video quality


AG Bottom Line
This app is in a class of its own.  The amount of utility it can give someone trying to catch action shots is unparalleled.  Also, other users, such as beauty bloggers, normally have to take tens if not hundreds of shots to capture the ones they want to use and share later.  With this app, they can just take a quick video, receive a bunch of pictures, and share them on their social networks like Instagram or Pinterest.

This app is a must download.

4.5 Stars