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Android App Review: Field Trip

 The Cool, the Weird, and the Random

Field Trip is an exploration and discovery app that provides current and historical information specific to the users immediate area.  Once downloaded, the app pinpoints the users location and peppers information to their phone.

The app works by pulling information from online sources such as the Historical Marker Database, Zagat, Wilderness Press (publisher of maps and guidebooks), as well as local news sources.  It then integrates that data with Google Maps.

Information such as famous structures, history of neighborhoods, sculptures, and nearby museums and restaurants will pop up on the users map as they are walking through a city.  Brief descriptions as well as current and historic pictures will accompany the points of interest.  It will also enable an audio feature so users can listen to the description.

The app allows the user to filter specific information to their phone (i.e. only historical), set how often they want to be alerted to a point of interest, and share information with friends through multiple social channels.


Perfect for traveling in other cities
Packed with information
Great historical pictures
Can filter what info is sent to your phone

If user in a smaller city,  the app won’t be as interesting


AG Bottom Line
If you’re in a larger city, this app is a must-have.  Historical, weird, and random facts make this a bit addicting. The coolest features is finding new information in your own neighborhood.  There is interesting tidbits like the first houses built after the great Chicago Fire, or a street corner of an assassination ordered by Al Capone, to a picture taken 100 years ago outside a building you walk by everyday.  This app is perfect if you’re traveling in other cities as well; it’s like having your own personal tour guide.

Great app.  Definitely download.

5 Stars