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Android App Review: Dollarbird

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Great Budget Tracker

Dollarbird is a finance app that helps users budget and track their spending month to month .

The layout is in a calendar form and once the user launches the app they enter their current balance at the top of the page.  Then, after each transaction, the user can fill in what they spend using tags.  So, if the user bought a new pair of shoes on a certain day, they click on a clothing icon and insert the amount.  The calendar subtracts that amount and your remaining balance will appear.

When income is earned, the user can insert the amount and the balance will be adjusted accordingly.  If the user has known expenses month-to-month (i.e. rent, health insurance) they can enter that information at the beginning of the month so they know how much money they actually have to work with even though it hasn’t been spent yet.



Calendar layout makes it easy to track your money
Tags are helpful

Navigation is a little confusing – could be improved


AG Bottom Line
This is a really helpful app whether you’re the type that tracks each penny or the type that searches the couch cushions for change at the end of the month.

The calendar format is great because you can see when every dollar is spent – even if it hasn’t happened yet.  Makes you think twice about buying those new pair of shoes, no?  Or how about that triple shot latte?

When you see how those all add up in black and white, it’s hard to deny they you’re hurting your bank account.  Obviously, for this app to be useful,you have to be on top of logging your spending. If you can do that, you’ll find this app very helpful.

Recommend download.

4 Stars