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Android App Review: Flava

Journal with a Dash of Seasoning

Flava is a journaling app that allows users to log their day in a timeline format; much like the news feeds on social sites.

The process works like jotting down notes throughout a day, only the app gives the user multiple options for logging information than solely text.  Users can upload pictures, videos, weblinks as well as pin themselves on Google maps all within one entry.  Another feature allows the user to insert the name of a movie, song, book, or film they want to remember and the app automatically links that information to online sources (i.e. iTunes, IMDb, Amazon, etc.).

The layout shows the entries with different icons; depending on what type of content was saved.  Photos are represented by a thumbnail, audio by a microphone, and so on.  This makes for easy reference if the user is looking for a certain picture or voice memo.

Users are able to tag specific entries as well.  For instance, if they had an amazing dinner at a restaurant and took a picture of their entree, they can tag the pic with a fork and spoon icon.  If they want to find that picture again, they can simply sort entries by icon instead of scrolling through their entries.

Users can keep their journal private with the option to password it, or they can share their entries with friends through the app.


Take pictures and videos from the app
Cool layout
Able to insert links to websites

A time-consuming app to keep up with if you’re using it as a journal
Keyword search not available


AG Bottom Line
This app is really fun.  However, if you’re a busy person I can see keeping it up-to-date would be a bit of a challenge.  I think this app is perfect for events such as vacations, concerts, festivals, girls’ night out etc. It’s very easy to make an entry.  The in-app camera feature lets you load images really quick, and the layout is really cool.  This app is fun and a great way to create and share memories via a fun format.

Cool app.  Recommend download.

4 Stars