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Android App Review: FxGuru: Movie FX Director

Special Effects Fun 

FxGuru is a special effects app that allows users to insert special effects into videos shot from their phone.

Users start by picking a special effect they want to use with a video (such as a piano crashing through the ceiling a UFO invasion or a dancing Droid).  An outline of the space the special effect will occupy is displayed on the users screen while they are shooting.  This allows the user to keep camera pointed in a direction that works best for that specific effect.  Once the user has taken the shot, the app will automatically incorporate the effect into the picture.

Users have the option to choose sound effects, enable the flashlight for darker shots, and choose the position of the special effect.  Users can save their videos in the gallery and share their work with friends through various social channels.


Fun App
High quality effects

Only a quarter of the special effect available are free. Otherwise you need to pay for them.
App has quit unexpectedly


AG Bottom Line
This app is really entertaining and the quality of the effects are pretty real looking. The video looks better if the shots are taken outside mainly because you do need a lot of light for this app.  Even though the majority of the effects are in-app purchases, there are enough to choose from that are free and high quality.

Fun app.  Recommend Download.

3 Stars