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Android App Review: Key Ring

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Your Key Ring is Free!

Key Ring is a virtual wallet that stores users loyalty and membership cards through barcode scanning.

To upload any membership or loyalty card (i.e. gym, grocery store) the users clicks on the card icon and the app’s barcode scanner will appear on the screen.  The app will scan and save the barcode as well as any ID number associated with the card.  Users can name the card as well as take a picture of it so a thumbnail is displayed for an easy search.

A loyalty program feature searches businesses near the user that are offering incentive programs. The users can enroll in the programs from the app.

A local offers feature searches any deals or coupons local businesses are offering and displays the coupon as well as location of the business.

Other features are weekly circulars from big box stores in the users area, and a shopping list where users can save any deals they find.


All cards in one place
Scanner works great
App finds local deals

If your phone runs out of juice you are out of luck


AG Bottom Line
Key Ring is a very simple and very useful app.  If you have a wallet full of loyalty cards or a ton of those annoying key-ring cards, this app is for you.  The app is easy to navigate and finding a card takes mere seconds.  You won’t have to remember to bring your gym membership card anymore,  but you will need to bring your phone. Useful app.  

Recommend Download.

4 Stars