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Android App Review: Camera MX

Awesome Photo App

Camera Mx is a photo editing application that allows users to edit and add effects to pictures they take with their phone.

Multiple editing features in the app let the users adjust the photos in a myriad of ways such as cropping, adjusting brightness, color temperature, and sharpness.

Over a dozen effects are available for the user to add to their photos.  For instance, users can turn their picture into a pencil drawing or make it look like a Worhol pop-art painting.

If the user likes a way they edited a photo, the app allows them to save it as a reference with detailed information on how they edited it.

Another feature lets the user create a slideshow of their photos accompanied with background music.

Of course, users can share their photos and slideshows with their friends through multiple social channels.


Dozens of options to edit and add effects
Easy navigation
App offers a free online video editing

Can’t delete an edit, you have to start over


AG Bottom Line
This is a really cool editing app.  If you’re an amateur photographer, it’ll help you look like you’re a pro.  It’s easy to edit and add effects to photos.  If you don’t like what you created, you can start over in a flash.  The navigation is seamless and the photo results are amazing. Turns your photos into works of art.

Great camera editing app.  Recommend Download.

4 Stars