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Android App Review: 4 Pics 1 Word

Brain Game 

4 Pics 1 word is a puzzle game where the user is shown four pictures and the goal is to find a common theme among them.

For example, the player is shown a picture of a trout, a dock, a hook, and a piece of salmon.  Below the pictures are four blank spaces that show the user how many letters are in the answer as well as 12 letters to choose from.  The answer to the puzzle is found within those 12 letters and the users goal is to find that word.  In this case, the word is FISH.

Users are allotted with 340 coins at the start of play.  Each time they correctly answer a puzzle they win one coin for each letter of the correct word.  If the user answers the puzzle incorrectly they are deducted those coins.

If the player is stuck on a question, they can use their coins to pay for a letter to be revealed or letters that are not part of the question to be deleted.


Game that gets your brain going
Can enlarge pictures for better visual

Too many ads pop up .  Have to pay for ad-free
Asks for 5 star ratings for user to gain coins


This is a really fun puzzle game.  It definitely gets your brain working and the puzzles get increasingly harder so it’s always a challenging.  The ads are quite annoying but you can pay $2 to have an ad-free experience.  It’s a well-made app with easy navigation and the game is really fun.

Recommend Download.

3.5 Stars