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Android App Review: Sunrise Calendar

Fantastic Calendar App 

Sunrise calendar is an organization app that integrates the user’s calendars, contacts, and social accounts into one place.

Upon install, Sunrise prompts the user to sync accounts of their choice (i.e. Google Calendar, iCloud, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)  Then, the app will automatically fill in scheduled events into the calendar.  Users can also create events into the app by tapping the date and filling in the information.

The calendar can be viewed as one or three full days laid out on the screen with scheduled events shaded in different colors (much like Google Calendar).

The app also pulls information about the social contact the user is meeting with, and the contact’s profile picture will align next to their name if they are socially connected.  Contact’s birthdays, Four Square check-ins, and latest social postings will display.

Also, if the user includes the address of a meeting, Google Maps will automatically map the route.

Weather icons for morning, afternoon, and night display the forecast for the day as well as the weather at the location the user may be headed.  Reminders alert the user of upcoming events.  Icons such as Skype or a Coffee Cup show the user if they’re going to be on a call or meeting someone for breakfast.


Can type using symbols or incomplete sentences (i.e. john @ 3 ) and the app will decipher
Calendar will map location of scheduled events
Birthday reminders

Can’t search for information within calendar.


AG Bottom Line
This is a great download.  All appointments, friends birthdays,  past check-ins and three-day views of your schedule are available upon opening the app.  Visually, it’s a beautiful calendar and shows so much relevant information on one screen.  This is very helpful if you’re a busy person and need to see your day laid out quickly.  This is definitely the best calendar app out there.

Must Download. 

5 Stars