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Android App Review: Cartwheel

Great Coupon App

Cartwheel is the official coupon app from the retail store Target for discount.

Upon download, the user will be given 10 free offers of their choice to redeem.  To search for offers, the user browses the inventory through the app.  Savings are categorized by department, and the user clicks on the desired department to reveal the offers.

For example, if the user chooses  ‘Women’s Apparel’, all discounts would be listed in the form of a thumbnail coupon showing the picture of the item.  If they find a coupon they would like to redeem, the user adds that coupon to their ‘redeem list. Then, when the user visits a Target store, they can pick up their item and redeem their coupon by simply having the cashier scan the barcodes on their phone.

Users can use up to 10 offers per checkout and earn more spots to add coupons by sharing offers with their friends through Facebook and other social networks.


Tons of great deals
Browse sales before entering the store
Can view what offers have been redeemed the most

Have to share coupons with friends to get more savings slots
May not have item in store you want to redeem


Bottom Line
Everyone loves Target, right?  Most people have been through the experience where you stop at Target to buy one thing and end up buying 20 things.  The Target curse.This app will definitely help save you on those Target shopping sprees.  If you can say you love Target, you’ll love this app.

Recommend Download

4 Stars