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iOS Review: Epic Fail

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Sometimes Failure IS an Option

Epic fail is a super silly, super fun photo blog app.  Funny, sometimes adorable, sometimes horrible, always fail-y photos are posted by users.

No explanations needed just pictures.  They are divided into sections: recent, popular, random and favorites.  The favorites section lets you tag your favorite photos for later hilarity and to show everyone you know.  You do need to set up an account to tag your favorites.  When you set up an account you can post your own silly photos to epic fail and embarrass your friends… or yourself.


Thousands of pictures for endless hilarity
Photos load quickly
New posts several times daily

Difficult to set up an account
Posts don’t get posted sometimes
Several repeats on the photos


Bottom Line
This is a great app for what it is. It’s a good way to waste some time at your desk or on the train… or on the toilet.  Trying to set up an account and trying to post can be frustrating, but if you just take the site as an entertaining blog it is totally worth it.  It’s a disastrous Instagram full of photos of people that aren’t your friends.  Well, that hopefully aren’t your friends.

Only download this app if you want to laugh.

4 Stars