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iOS App Review: Pet Rescue Saga

Rescue Cute Pets

Pet Rescue Saga is a fun puzzle game where you can rescue adorable pets.

The pets (puppies, kittens and even the occasional goldfish) are trapped high on top of different colored stacked blocks. You need to match the blocks to remove them and get the pets on solid ground safely.

There are different problems that arise during the game.  The blocks could be chained or behind a fence.  The pets are also in colored cages sometimes and it takes an extra match to free them.

Everything can be matched and freed within the games but there are only a limited number of moves allowed.  There are certain tools available for purchase within the game.  Like colored balloons that remove all the blocks of the same color.


Addictive in a good way for hours of fun
Most levels are pretty easy
Cute pets

The game is free but there are several optional things to pay for once you start


Bottom Line
I love this game.  It is so much fun and very similar to many other games that I have loved before.

If you like to play games on your phone this app is a must download!

4 stars