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iOS App Review: Hanging With Friends

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Don’t Leave Me Hanging

Hanging With Friends is a word game and a fun alternative to Words With Friends. What Words With Friends is to Scrabble, Hanging With Friends is to a more complicated hangman.

You can connect through Facebook and play with your friends or play with random opponents within the game.  You just need to request to start a game and once you find an opponent the fun begins.

Each opponent gets an avatar held up in the sky by a bunch of balloons.  When it’s your turn you need to guess your opponents word.  The longer the word the less guesses you get.  If you get the word wrong one of your balloons pops and you are one turn closer to losing, but either way it’s your turn to spell a word.

A selection of tiles is provided and you spell a word.  Like I said before, the longer the word, the better. The words result in points, which result in coins, which you can use to purchase cheats for guessing.


Brief alternative to words with friends
You can stay sharp by spelling words

Waiting for opponents can be tedious


Bottom Line
This game is great! I love playing it throughout the day. I like it as an easier, faster version of Words With Friends. I really like the artwork too. The cute avatars are a nice addition to the game.

Download this game if you love Words With Friends.

4 Stars