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Android App Review: Echo Notification Lockscreen

Cleans Up the Clutter

Echo Notification is a lock screen app that filters notifications on your phone by grouping them into categories and priorities set by you.

Instead of notifications popping up in random order from texts, missed calls, emails, social accounts, etc., they will be organized into different groups.  Instead,  you will see a selection for priorities, social accounts, work, etc.

So, if you’re at work you can choose to only look through your work texts, emails, etc., instead of being inundated with notifications from your other accounts.

The app also let you set reminders for specific messages.  For instance, if you come across an email or text that you can’t respond to at that time, you can swipe the notification to the right, and choose a more convenient time for it to pop up on your screen.


Great for organizing messages
Can set screen to turn on only when new priority messages


Bottom Line
If you’re a busy person and hate your phone going off constantly for notifications, then you need this app.   It’s easy to organize your accounts and you won’t be bothered with the latest Facebook update or Tweet that could definitely wait for later.

I’m the type of person who looks at my phone every time I hear an alert, so it’s a perfect app to help keep me focused on tasks at hand rather than getting interrupted.

Download for great notification organization

4 Stars