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Android App Review: PRANKDIAL

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

PRANKDIAL is an app that that allows you to anonymously send prank phone calls to your friends using pre-recorded pranks.

There are dozens of pre-recorded prank calls ranging from offering free tickets the World Cup to accusing someone of kicking your dog.  You can choose among male and female voices, different accents, dogs barking, etc.

When you find the prank call you want to use, you insert your friends number and the app will call them from an unknown number.  The recordings sound like a legitimate phone call with the recorded voices pausing giving time for the prankee to speak.

You can also record your friends’ reactions to the call and then share it through any of your social channels.


Good for a laugh
Can listen to a hilarious library of reactions to prank calls

Only two free calls per day.  The rest you need to purchase
Could upset people with this app


Bottom Line
This is a pretty juvenile app, but it’s also pretty funny.  None of the recordings are distasteful, but I would recommend sending pranks only to people you know.

Download if you want to feel 12 again.

2 Stars