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iOS Review: Panda Pop

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Panda Pop is an adorable puzzle game.  You play a mama panda who’s mission is to save her babies from the evil baboon.

As you move through the levels it becomes more challenging.  Don’t worry, though, the power of the elements is on your side.

The trick is to strategically burst matching bubbles to help beat that baboon and save the baby pandas that are trapped in the bubbles. Nature themed power ups (water, fire, plants, the sun etc.) will help you to free the baby pandas. Combine them for an even greater effect.

Take care though.  Your bubbles are limited and if you run out of bubbles before all the babies are saved you lost  the level and the evil baboon keeps the babies.


Hundreds of levels
Power ups earned within play
Cute graphics

It takes a long time to earn coins to purchase extra lives and turns


Bottom Line
This game is a lot of addictive fun.  I love the adorable graphics of the mama and baby pandas.  If you like to play games this is a great addition.

Definitely download this one.

4 Stars