Top 5 iOS Alternatives to Candy Crush

Top 5 iOS Alternatives to Candy Crush
Candy Crush is an awesome match game that has taken over the lives and fingers of
Android and iOS alike.  Who wouldn’t love the levels upon levels of delicious fun the
game has to offer?  What avid Candy Crush player hasn’t gone to sleep with visions of
sweet treats dancing behind their eyelids?

I know I have, but there are tons of other awesome match games that can idly occupy your time just as effectively (maybe even kill the time it takes to rebuild your lives) as Candy Crush.  I’ve played a lot of them.  I’ve maybe even played all of them, but here are my top 5 favorites:


#5: Charm King

Charm King is an adventure filled match three game by PlayQ Inc.  It is quite
comparable to Candy Crush.  Travel through hundreds of levels on a quest for a
crown.  Match jewels, butterflies, and magical mushrooms.  Unlock treasure chests in
more advanced levels for an extra challenge.  Match the right combo to get through
the levels and become the Charm King.

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#4: Panda Jam

A different take on a match three game, Panda Jam asks you to match colored
blocks to save a baby panda from an evil monkey.  In this game by SGN, you play as
Mama Panda who is desperate to get her baby back.  Match the blocks to bring the
poor little panda down to his mama.  Watch out for frozen blocks and choose your
matches wisely.  You only have a limited number of turns before the evil monkey will
have the baby forever.

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#3: Garden Mania

In this game you are the ultimate online gardener.  Match your blueberries, carrots,
tomatoes and melons to beat countless levels of farm fabulousness.  Make sure to
plant and water your flowers in every level too.  Get the right amount of each fruit or
veggie to get through each level in this game by EZjoy.  Don’t forget to eat your fruits
and veggies and have some healthy fun.

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#2: Pet Rescue

Pet rescue is another awesome match game by the folks that brought us Candy
Crush.  You need to match the colored blocks to rescue cute pets.  Save puppies and
kittens and goldfish too.  No pet is too small! You have a limited number of moves to
save the pets so be strategic.  With hundreds of levels you won’t get bored with this

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#1: Cookie Jam

The only game I’ve found that is just as deliciously sweet as Candy Crush is Cookie
Jam by SGN.  In this match game you are a world-class pastry chef and in need of
ingredients to make tasty treats.  Match the ingredients and collect what you need to
beat the countless levels in this super fun game.  But watch out for the gingerbread
men.  They may be a sweet Holiday cookie in real life, but they are out to sabotage
you in Cookie Jam.

Download The Free App Here

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