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Android App Review: History

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History Channel App

The History Channel app is an app that allows you to stream video and clips from the cable channel of the same name.

The dozens of shows on the History channel range from documentaries about WWII, to American History to reality shows.  Most of the full episode shows in the app do require your cable provider information but there are a few free episodes to watch within each show as well as plenty of other content for free.

In the tab ‘Topics’, you can watch short segments from past shows covering everything from the Cold War to the destruction of Pompeii to the Coroners report on Julius Caesar.  The segments usually last no more than 5 minutes and most have some free full episodes as well.

The ‘Watchlist’ tab keeps track of the episodes you have been watching so, if you have to quickly turn off your phone, you can resume right where you left off at later time.  You can set push notifications to your phone to alert you when a show you want to wach becomes available as well as view the month’s programming schedule.


Hundreds of informative clips
Shows categorized well

Need to log in with your cable provider to view majority of  videos
Need to watch a 20 sec commercial before a two min clip


Bottom Line
Obviously, if you have a cable package that includes the history channel you’ll enjoy this app more because you can view all of the videos.  However,  there are plenty of interesting clips from every toipic available to keep your interest as well as numerous free videos.

Recommend this app if the show is available through your cable provider.

2 Stars