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Android App Review: NASA

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NASA is an app that allows you to view information for current and past space missions and related news from the United States, private companies, and partnered nations.

The app is divided into categories that cover missions, news, videos, social media, etc.

The category “Missions” lists all of the upcoming and past launches.  Each launch gives the name of the mission, date, and purpose of the launch (i.e. satellite launched to study Earth’s water cycle or  to look for Earth-like planets in the universe).

Within the missions tab there is a feature that, using your phone’s GPS, shows you the date, time,and coordinates when satellites, shuttles, etc. can be visible passing over in the night sky from your location.

The apps ‘Featured’ section offers short education articles covering topics such as ‘Are we alone in the universe?” and ‘10 Thing to Know about our Solar System’.

You can click on the images thumbnail and view photos taken from the Hubble Telescope, satellites, and even a selfie taken by the rover currently on Mars.

In the video portion you can watch the crew currently on the International Space Station talking about their mission as well as World Cup Soccer.

Other features include educational videos, information about all of the space research stations, launch sites and literature regarding  future missions.


Articles are short but informative
Loaded with information
Share articles via social channels

Too much science, not enough time


Bottom Line
If you’re not a NASA nerd now (nerd is the new cool btw – remember Mohawk guy from the Curiosity launch?) you’ll become one. This app is very cool and packed with a ton of interesting information, articles and photos.   I like how it’s constantly updated and when a new video or picture is added it will show up as an alert in the app.  You’ll find yourself absorbed in this app within minutes.

Recommend Download 

4 Stars