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Android App Review: Yo

Seriously, Yo.

Yo is an app that provides one function and one function only; to send the word ‘Yo’ to your friends.

The developers of the app bill it as a single-tap zero-character communication tool and it works similar to text except that, unlike text messages, you just have to tap your friends name and you’re done. Nothing else. The Yo has been sent.

Once you download Yo, you pick a Yo username and sync your contacts to the app.  It will automatically show who in your contact list is using the app as well as their Yo username.  Tap any contact you want to add to your Yo list and then they will be displayed on the homepage.  Anytime you want to send a ‘Yo’, launch the app and tap on your friend’s name.

The app keeps a running tally of your Yo’s.  You can block people from Yo’ing you, and invite friends to join your Yo circle through multiple social channels.


Very simple communication tool
Good alternative if you plan on sending one word to someone and that word is, coincidentally, Yo.

Now you have zero excuse for not contacting someone


Bottom Line
I had to download this app because it was receiving so much press.  It’s intriguing.  Its only function is to send one word and it does just that – 100% of the time.  The most complicated feature is syncing and finding your Yo contacts, and that was easier than taking a deep breath. It probably took more time to write this review than develop the app.  If only this review would generate as much dough as Yo.

Yo, why not?  Download this.

4 Stars