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iOS App Review: Toilet Time

Bathroom Break

What did we do on the toilet before smartphones?  Well, besides the obvious of course. This game, Toilet Time, takes occupying yourself while answering the call of nature to a very literal place.

This app has several mini games that each take about 10 seconds.  The games are all toilet themed.  You have to pick an empty stall, cough at just the right moment when you’re going number two in a public bathroom, squish shower bugs, etc.  There are countless gross and hilarious bathroom moments.


The games are quick

Tons of adds in this free app
Some of the games are difficult to navigate


Bottom Line
This is a fun game app for what it is. The amount of ads during play is outrageous but its not necessarily a game that you’d play for hours anyway. I say download this app to have one more time killer on the roster for your phone.

Download for quick fun.

3 stars