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Android App Review: Gritness

Great Group Fitness Search Engine.  A Must Have.

Gritness is a social and health and fitness app that shows you what group related fitness activities are going on in your area.

The app uses your GPS for your location and you can search for different activities taking place in your city.   You can search by either default options in the app such as cycling, cross-fit, triathlons, and running. Or, you can enter in a more specific search term.  You can filter the results for one day and go up to 30.

For example, if you search for running events in Chicago and click on ‘this weekend,” the app will pull up running events going on in the Chicago metropolitan area.  You can click on an event that interests you and specific information about the event will be displayed.  Details such as the check-in cut off time, group hosting, duration, and a map displaying the area of the event.

Results will display group social workout events as well as competitions.  You can save events in the apps as a reminder, upload photos of events you attend and share upcoming events with friends you follow in the app as well as through your social channels.  If a friend shares an event with you, a notification appears in the app as an invite and a link will take you directly to that event.


Great search tool for people who like to group events
Search displays both social and competitive events

App has crashed a few times


Bottom Line
If you are a workout fanatic or just a weekend-workout-warrior, this app is for you.   The navigation is very easy and the event search results are very detailed.   Its great for both social and competitive events.   Especially if you’re training for an event and need some group training to help push you.  This app is great way to take advantage of all of the workout events taking place in your city.

Must Download

4 Stars