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Android App Review: Retrica

Cool Camera Filter

Retrica is a photography filter app that allows you to apply filters to pictures taken with your phone.

The app offers about 10 categories of filters with about dozen sub-categories within them.  Filters range from categories like elegant, black and white, to retro.

You can choose to frame your picture, apply a blur option that makes the surrounding edges look like rain has fallen on your lens, set a timer, or apply a tunnel-like filter.

Another feature is a setting where the app takes multiple pictures at one time and displays them as one portrait.  So, you can either have the same shot repeated multiple time a la Warhol, or move the camera for each shot so you have a sort of storyline.

All of your pictures are saved in the app and you can share them through various social channels.


Many Filter options
Can program to take multiple pictures without pushing any buttons

Not all filters are free so there are some in-app purchases
App has crashed a few times


Bottom Line
This is a great camera filter app.  There are tons of filter options and the app is easy to navigate.   The coolest feature is the multiple-shot option. You can get really creative with your pictures and the resolution is fantastic so your prints turn out great.   If you love applying art to your photos, you’ll love this app.

Great Camera Filter.  Recommend download.

4 Stars