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iOS App Review: Heads Up

Party Time!

Heads Up is a party game that combines Charades, 20 questions, and Catch Phrase all in one. With seven categories built in to the app and several more available to download and purchase; you’re in for some non-stop party fun.

The guessing categories are split up in to subjects like movies, superstars and animals. There is also an act it out section and that is where the charades comes in.  The section of song titles where humming the tune of the song is the only way to get your partner to guess is a different take on the game.

Once you’ve picked a category you’re ready to go.  The person who is guessing just holds their phone up to their forehead.  The subjects appear and they start guessing. The guesser tilts the phone down if they guess right, and up if they guess wrong or need to pass.  After a minute the scores are tallied.

The game even takes video of the guesser’s teammates as they act out/ hum/ try to explain the subject.


Several categories to choose from
Can play with a big group or just one other person
App is easy to navigate and use

Should offer additional decks for purchase in a bundle


Bottom Line
I love this app! All of the party games it encompasses are my favorites.  It’s also really nice to have something to get a party going in your pocket all the time.  I can’t wait to try it out with a big group. Again, I love it!

This game is a must download.

4 stars