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Android App Review: DinnerTime (parental control)

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Dinner Time is a parental control app where you can lock your child’s device when you need them to focus on tasks that don’t require their phone.

You download the app on both yours and your child’s device and then sync the two by following the prompts.  The syncing will take less than a minute.

Then, from your phone you can create breaks that will automatically lock your child’s phone until the scheduled break is over.

When it’s time for your family to sit down for a meal you can tap the ‘Dinner Time’ button on the app and it will send an alert to your child’s phone that it’s time to eat and their phone will lock until the scheduled break is over.  You can choose 30 Min, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc., or unlock it yourself.

You can also set a bedtime break where the phone will automatically lock the same time each night and unlock the same time each morning.

If you simply need to have your child take a break from their device, you can tap ‘Take a break’ and choose a break time.  Then, the child’s device will lock and display a message showing them the break duration.


Great way to get the kids to the table
Ensure you’re kids are sleeping and not on their phone
Good incentive to for them to finish their homework

Watch out for flying devices!


Bottom Line
Wow, we have come a long way from hearing our parents screaming DINNER!  This is a perfect app for both parents and kids.  I can see it alleviating the ‘put your phone away’ argument.  Of course, it’s going to generate an entirely different argument, but you can do it remotely so you don’t have to hear them complain!  The app is very easy to navigate and syncing the two phones is a breeze.  Definitely a useful app for parents.

Great idea!  Download.

5 Stars