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iOS App Review: Hungry Shark Evolution

It’s a Shark!

Hungry Shark Evolution is an action packed underwater arcade game.  See what its like to be a feared, revered predator of the deep by swimming in another creatures fins. Start off as a pup and grow into a great white monster by eating everything in site. Well, not everything.

Gobble up as many fish, turtles and other sea creatures as you can.  You might even get a taste of unsuspecting swimmers and scuba divers if you’re lucky.  Watch out for jellyfish, stingrays, and other sharks though.  Even a vicious predator has his enemies.

Eat lots of fish at once for insane combos and rack up insane points!  The more the carnage the more the reward!


Easy game to figure out

Slow moving
App shuts down


Bottom Line
This is a really fun arcade game.  It’s a fun one to add to the repertoire.  I love that it’s kind of like Feeding Frenzy but with a violent twist.  I also really like the combos in the game.  Getting insane amounts of points at once is oh so satisfying.

Download this game for a little summer beach fun without leaving your house.

4 stars