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Android App Review: Trover

Explore Virtually Before You Embark

Trover is a social travel app where you can take a virtual tour of cities world-wide via pictures uploaded by other users.

For example, if you type in Paris, France, pictures taken in and around Paris will show up as thumbnails on your screen.  When you click on the thumbnail more information about the photo will be displayed.  You can view the profile of the user who posted it, description of the picture, as well as other points of interest nearby.  You can add any picture to your “Discovery” list and it will be saved for quick reference.

The app will also use the GPS on your phone to show you pictures that are closest to your location.  You can view the pictures by subcategories that include food, outdoor, and art.

You can upload your own pictures to the app, follow other users, and share pictures of interest via numerous social channels.


Great for discovering cities
Easy navigation

Some pictures seem more social than points of interest


Bottom Line
This is a fantastic app for both traveling and exploring your own city.  I spent an hour just looking at pictures uploaded from across the globe.  The app is easy to use, and it’s packed with information.  What makes this app really cool is it has tons of information about the picture you view from the traveler who uploaded it.  What better information could you get about city other than from another enthusiastic explorer?

One of my favorite features and showing you other points of interest close to a picture you are viewing.  You can set out to explore a find you made in the app and hit other intesrest points as well.This app will definitely give you the travel bug.

Great App. Recommend Download. 

4 Stars