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iOS App Review: Dragon City

Fairytale Farmville

Dragon City is a mystical take on the farm building and city building game genres. Hatch and breed dragons and grow your community.  With endless opportunities for new dragon species, possibilities abound.

Each type of dragon belongs on their one type of land so you must build a habitat for each species.  Once you have the habitat you may purchase an egg to hatch a dragon. You need to erect a breeding mountain to breed dragons from different habitats and create neat hybrids.

The dragons do need to grow up to be big and strong before they breed so you need to build farms and harvest food for the dragons.  Speaking of big and strong, once your dragons are big and strong build a stadium for your dragons to compete in duels. They can win you money and gems.

As your Dragon City expands you can purchase new land and build countless habitats. It never stops growing if you don’t want it to.


Easy to use

Buildings, hatching and breeding take a long time


Bottom Line
Out of all the games of its kind I like this one the best.  I like the fantasy alternative to a more literal farming or building game.

I think if you like those sort of games this one is a must download.

4 Stars