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iOS App Review: Farm Heroes Saga

Healthy Veggies

Farm Heroes Saga is another delicious match three game from the people that brought us Candy Crush.  I guess the folks at Limited thought we were getting too much of a sweet tooth.  It’s time for some healthy veggies.

Match the carrots, onions, strawberries and all our fruit and veggie friends.  Don’t forget about the sun and the rain.  Without them our fruits and veggies wouldn’t grow.  You may even have to hatch a baby chick here and there.

Match the fruits and veggies in a limited number of turns to make it through the countless levels.  Don’t forget to match the veggies that you need!  Match more than three at a time to get insane combos!



Easy to use
Seamless connection to Facebook
Very Similar to Candy Crush

Later levels seem impossible


Bottom Line
The folks at King have done it again.  I just love this game. It has all the appeal of Candy Crush with a couple of extra challenges built in.  It will definitely keep you on your toes.

If you love the match genre, download this game for sure!

4 Stars