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Android App Review: Theftie

Thief Tracker

Theftie is a phone recovery app that tracks and locks your phone if you believe it has been stolen.  The app will also snap a selfie of the person holding it, a.k.a,  a Theftie.

After you download the free app, you register the phone on the Theftie website.  Then, if you misplace your phone, you can track it from the site.

If you think you’ve simply misplaced your phone, you can send messages that will pop up on home screen informing the person who found it how they can get in touch with you.

If you believe it has been stolen, you can enable ‘Lost Mode’ and your phone will automatically lock.  Data you have chosen to be recovered and will automatically be uploaded to Google Drive.

You can enable an action where the phone will make a loud screeching noise that cannnot be turned off.  A Theftie will be take of the person and emailed to you.  And, you can choose to wipe the phone of all information if you believe it’s gone for good.

If you haven’t realized your phone has gone missing and suspicious activity on your phone begins, such as a password being misspelled multiple times, you will get an email alerting you to your phone’s location and the phone will automatically lock until you unlock it from the site.


Phone can still be tracked even if the SIM card is removed
Accurate mapping of phone’s location
Plenty of free features

Some of the features require a monthly fee


Bottom Line
This is a fantastic phone locator app.  I’ve tracked the location of mine from different points and it’s very accurate.  The Theftie will only work only if the thief has the camera pointing at them, but the picture feature will work even if it’s misplaced in your own home.  Snap a pic to see what room it’s in!  There is a fee for some of the features, including wiping the phone clean, but it’s very cheap and worth the piece of mind, especially if you keep a lot of data and information on your phone.

Great app.  Definitely Download.

5 Stars