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Android App Review: Tour de France Live – 2014

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Tour de France – 2014

Tour de France Live is an app the provides you with regular updates of the tour.

You can view all stages of the race that include date, start time, elevation, start and finish cities, as well as a map of the course.

For the past stages, you can view the results as well as what riders were leading at different point in the race (i.e intermediate sprints and mountain passages) as well as the mileage for each of those points.  Rider information includes the team their on, birthplace, height and weight is also available.


Information updated regularly

Light on information about the riders


Bottom Line
World Cup has ended but Tour de France still has 15 more days to go.  This is a good alternative to the paid live streaming apps (some charging up to $15).  The app is updated regularly and the navigation is very easy.  I would have liked to see a little more detailed information on the riders, but overall it’s a pretty solid app.

Recommend Download.

3 Stars