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iOS App Review: Word Stack

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Play and Learn

Word Stack is a word association puzzle game.  With seven categories with 40 levels in each, there are countless opportunities to tease your brain.  You start with nine scattered words.  Seemingly unrelated, you must relate them and stack them in a cohesive order.

The game comes with one category with 40 levels and the other six are for purchase. You may purchase one at a time for 99 cents each, or purchase all of them in a bundle for a flat $2.99.

You really can’t lose this with this game.  The game allows you as many times as it takes to reach the right order combo.  The game does mark every time you stack the words perfectly and you get a gold star.


Good brain exercise
Lets you buy levels in a bundle

Kind of hard to figure out initially


Bottom Line
I really like this game a lot.  It’s a good way to waste a little time.  I like mindless entertainment when I’m trying to kill time for the most part.  However, this game is a simple but refreshing change.

Definitely download this game and give it a try.

4 Stars