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Android App Review: BigHippo

Personalize Your Contacts 

BigHippo is an app that allows you to create a sort of biography profile for your contacts in your contact list instead of only their basic information.

Once you download the app, you sync your contacts that are already in your phone and you add their social profile information such as LinkedIn, Facebook, G+, etc.

In addition to their online profiles, you have the option to add notes.  Notes can either be voice recorded or typed to personalize your contacts even more.  For example, say a contact mentions an interest of theirs such as their favorite sports, or restaurants they like to frequent. Simply add that information into their contact profile and it will be saved for quick reference.

The app also give you multiple categories to help organize your contacts information further.   Fields such as organizations they’re involved in, aspirations, health, religion, and political views.


Great way to personalize your contacts
Helps avoid embarrassing mix-ups among your contacts

App has crashed a few times


Bottom Line
This app is fantastic for personalizing your contacts.  Especially if you’re engaging with multiple people throughout the week.  Yes, it’s totally a cheat-sheet for your contacts, but if you’re trying to make a great impression in your job or in relationships, why not? People definitely notice when you remember little details about them.  This app helps make it less formal and more personal.

Great app. Recommend Download.

4 Stars