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iOS App Review: Gems With Friends

Gems is Outrageous!

Gems with friends is a fun match game that you can play… with your friends!  Just match the colorful numbered gems and combine them.  Hurry up though, this game is timed and it’s a competition.

Play Gems by connecting to Facebook friends or with total strangers signed up on Gems.  This is a much simpler version of Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends. Match the numbered gems with their like numbers to add them together.  Get all the way to ten within the time limit and get a bonus!

The gameplay is endless during gems because tournaments can go on for several rounds.  There are also, always grounds for a rematch, always.


Great twist on match games

Sometimes you have to wait a long time for an opponent


Bottom Line
I love Gems with Friends!  I really like to alternate between my “with friends” games while I wait for my friends to take their turns.  The match aspect is exactly the type of game I am attracted to.

Definitely download this game if you like the friends series.

4 Stars