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iOS App Review: MarcoPolo – Ocean

Great Educational App

MarcoPolo Ocean is an educational, exploration, and puzzle app for children aged 3+.

Set in the ocean, your child has the option to explore the depths of the sea or put together puzzles of marine life and vehicles while learning fun facts about oceanic life.

Below the ocean’s surface, your child can navigate through schools of brightly colored fish using their finger.  They can increase the size of the schools by swiping icons of fish located at the bottom of the screen.  Clickable bubbles  float across the screen that contain short narratives of marine life (i.e. a quick tidbit about sea turtles important role in the ocean’s ecosystem).

The puzzle portion of the app covers five elements of the ocean which include reefs, whales, and marine vehicles.  When your child taps on any of the icons they will hear a short overview of the subject and then build it piece by piece while learning facts on that subject (i.e. how orcas use their pectoral fins as brakes).


Responsive graphics that keep the child engaged
Gentle music that is easy on the ear (this is a pro for parents!)
Simple, yet informative facts about ocean life



Bottom Line
This is a fantastic educational app for young children.  It’s simple, yet informative.  The best part is it’s a calm game that’s not over-stimulating with loud noises and tons of graphics.  It has an appropriate amount of touchable icons that keeps my child engaged and curious.  I feel better letting my child play a game that is teaching them a few things as well.

Great for young kids. Definitely Download!

5 Stars