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Android App Review : Word Lens Translator

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Quick Word Translator

Word Lens Translator is an app that translates words from multiple languages using your phone’s camera.

The app can translate English, Russian, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. When you come across a word you need translated, center the word in your viewfinder and tap the language the word is in and correspond it to your native language.  The translated word will pop up on your screen.

In addition to the camera function, you have the option to type in the word you need translated. When you’re typing in a word for translation, words will similar spellings will pop up to aid you in your word search.


Great for printed word translation
Awesome app when traveling

Careful to hold your camera steady, otherwise the app will partially translate


Bottom Line
This is a really cool app that I find myself using quite frequently.  Word Lens works best if the words are printed (i.e. signs, menus, etc.).  If you’re trying to translate hand-written words, it doesn’t work that well.  Aside from that, the translation has been consistently spot-on.

Cool App. Download. 

4 Stars