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Android App Review: StumbleUpon!

Great Content Filter 

StumbleUpon! is a content app that curates articles and information found online that are tailored to your interests.

Once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to select from a list of dozens of topics that interest you.  You can select as many subject fields as you like.  Topics range from fashion and fitness to movies and music.

Once you select your interests, you’re done.  Articles and information that match your criteria are ready to browse.  Articles are presented as thumbnails and can be flipped through with a swipe of your thumb.  If you find a page that interests you just tap on the thumbnail and the article will expand.

You can add or delete any interests, thumbs up or down articles that you want to see more or less of,  follow other app users called “stumblers”, share arcticles via social channels, and save articles in your own customized lists.


Great way to find content that interest you



Bottom Line
This app is like a Pinterest for content.  You’re not exactly sure want you want to read but StumbleUpon! curates to your interests so you’ll most always find something that catches your eye every time you launch the app.  It’s a well-made app with easy navigation and relevant search results.

Definitely Download

5 Stars