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iOS App Review: Angry Birds Epic


Angry Birds Epic is the newest addition to the Angry Birds game series.  It is a totally new twist on the beloved franchise.  Get very up close and personal to those nasty little piggies as you battle to protect your eggs and rescue your bird friends.

On this journey you and your bird friends enter one-on-one-battles with the enemy.  No more launching your birds from a slingshot.  Birds and pigs fight to the death to defend their honor.

Travel through hundreds of levels collecting birds along the way.  Take care though, with battles like these, usually only one makes it out alive.


Hundreds of levels
Easily explained
Graphics improved

Slow transitions


Bottom Line
I really like this game.  I am an Angry Birds purist so the change is a little strange for me.  I didn’t know if I would like it at first but the fact that it is more of a story is neat. The graphics make it look like you are watching a cartoon.

Definitely download and add it to your Angry Birds collection.

4 Stars