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Android App Review: LokLok

Fun App!

LokLok is an app that allows you to draw images on your locked screen and have that image appear on your contact’s locked screens immediately.

The app is essentially a shared canvas where you and your contacts can share and add to images and messages.

Once you download LokLok, your screen will automatically default to the app once you turn on your phone.  In order for the app to work, your contacts have to download the app as well and then you sync your phones.

To create a drawing or message, simply tap on the screen twice.  You have the option to pick different drawing stylists and colors as well as upload pictures.  Once you’re finished with your message you choose the person or group of people that you want to receive the message.  When your contacts turn on their phone, your picture or message will automatically be displayed on their locked screen.


Easy to create, share, and delete messages
Fun communication tool


Bottom Line
This a really fun app that is perfect communication tool between you and your significant other as well as close friends. Basically it’s a group text, but it’s so much more fun and engaging.  It’s very simple to create and share messages and if you don’t want to be bothered with a chain of messages between friends, you can easily turn the app off so it doesn’t display on your home screen.   This is a unique app that you and your friends will definitely use.

Fun App. Download.

5 Stars